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CONTACT Maryann Ridini Spencer at Ridini Entertainment Corporation (“REC”) for:

  • TV, Film, Print & Radio Interviews, Author Personal Appearances & Book Signings
  • Request Maryann for a Consultation or Speaking Engagement

Public Relations, Marketing, Production Services, “Simply Delicious Living” TV Sponsorships & More:

  • Corporate Services: Public Relations, Marketing, TV & Film Content Creation and Production Consultations & Services
  • Sponsorships, Advertising: “Simply Delicious Living” TV/Print Product Placement, Website & Podcast Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Broadcasters/Media:  GET the “Simply Delicious Living” TV Show or Print/Video Column in your market



JOURNALISTS that would like to INTERVIEW MARYANN or  access  ONLINE PRESS KITS, contact the REC office at (818) 884-0104 or email,




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