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by Maryann Ridini Spencer

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Simply Delicious Living: A Telly Award & W3 Award Winning TV Series & Blog

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Maryann Ridini Spencer

Aloha, Friends! Welcome to my Simply Delicious Living Blog, where I share my easy-to-make, healthy recipes made with real ingredients as well as my “How-To” cooking videos from “Simply Delicious Living with Maryann,®” my award-winning TV series and blog. You’ll also find ALOHA living sustainable body, mind, spirit living articles, and podcasts that serve to inspire you to create your unique recipe for the joy, harmony, and balance you deserve personally and professionally.

Growing up on the East Coast in a large, close-knit Italian-Irish family, I developed a love for cooking and entertaining at an early age. This passion for preparing healthy dishes and memorable dining experiences for family and friends led me to start developing recipes. Eventually, I began to write and produce TV cooking segments for entertainment and lifestyle series on such broadcast outlets as PBS-TV (KVCR-TV in Southern California), Cable News Network, Lifetime, USA Network, and Time Warner Cable, as well as work as a food and lifestyle writer and editor at many magazines and newspapers (Ventura County Star, Palm Springs Life, Desert Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, etc.). I guess you can say that my lifelong passion for writing and cooking finally gave birth to “Simply Delicious Living.”

I invite you to visit the eight portals on this page. The Plumeria Café® is where you’ll find my recipes made with healthy ingredients (some of which are featured on the“Simply Delicious Living with Maryann®” TV series)…Sustainable Home & Office shares eco-friendly articles, crafts & entertaining ideas. Body, Mind, Spirit Joy delivers inspirations for a happy, balanced personal & professional life, and in The Writer’s Pantry, you’ll find some of my latest news and musings!  There are also portals to my podcasts, YouTube channel, the “Simply Delicious Living” quarterly magazineand a pathway to my novels and cookbooks!

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The Plumeria Café®

Maryann's Healthy, Simple & Delicious Recipes
Maryann's Healthy, Simple & Delicious Recipes

Green Home & Office

Articles, Tips, Table Settings & Crafts
Articles, Tips, Table Settings & Crafts

Living ALOHA

Body, Mind, Spirit JOY
Body, Mind, Spirit JOY

The Writer's Pantry

Maryann's News & Musings
Maryann's News & Musings


for Body•Mind•Spirit
for Body•Mind•Spirit


Watch Simply Delicious Living
Watch Simply Delicious Living


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Portal to Maryann's Books
Portal to Maryann's Books

Healthy Recipes Made with Real Ingredients from The Plumeria Café®


The Plumeria Café® is a charming eatery in “Lady in the Window,” Maryann’s new novel from SelectBooks, which captures the Aloha Spirit, hope, healing, karmic romance, and the infinite mother-daughter bond. The book inspires and empowers women looking to manifest a committed, loving relationship as well as create harmony and balance both personally and professionally. In “Lady in the Window,” Kate Grace, the novel’s main character, loves to frequent The Plumeria Café, which features a menu of eclectic dishes from blissful breakfasts to luscious lunches and delicious dinners to delectable baked goods all made with fresh, organic ingredients. Recipes from the novel’s café are developed with Aloha by Maryann. Find out more about “Lady in the Window” (Hardcover & eBook @Barnes and Noble and Amazon).

Find out more about Maryann's Award-Winning Best Selling Novels & Cookbooks

Click on the Book Images to find out more about Maryann’s Kate Grace Mystery novels, “Lady in the Window,” “The Paradise Table,” and Cookbook.

Simply Delicious Living - Maryann's Recipes from The Plumeria Cafe®

Fresh, Healthy & Simple!

Maryann's easy-to-make recipes made with fresh & natural ingredients from The Plumeria Café® as seen on her Award-Winning TV Series & Simply Delicious Living Blog!

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I LOVE this pasta - Guiltless!

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