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Hello Friends!  I’d like to welcome you to The Plumeria Café,™ straight from the pages of my novel, “Lady in the Window.” (May 2017, SelectBooks). Please feel free to browse my café recipes below and my “Simply Delicious Living®” recipe menu bar (page right).I hope you’ll try a few of my easy-to-make dishes made fresh, natural, organic (& Non-GMO Project Verified) ingredients and share them with your family and friends. I’ll be adding recipes to the café menu on a regular basis, so please, feel free to use this site as your cooking guide as well as for creative and joyous living inspirations.

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The Hawaiian Backdrop of "Lady in the Window"

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Excerpt from “Lady In The Window” A Novel by Maryann Ridini Spencer (May 2017/Select Books)

Kate and Olivia walk up a small stairway to a wood lanai landing belonging to the one story plantation style shop. A sign written in pretty calligraphy and interlaced with images of white plumeria blooms hangs over the red-painted wood door and reads, “The Plumeria Café.”

Inside the bustling room, as well as outside on the lanai, early morning risers sit at little wooden tables and sip their Kona coffees, lattes, and personalized drinks.

At the back of the café, stands a large glass counter which displays all types of luscious baked goods in tantalizing arrangements, behind which a bevy of baristas rush about filling various customer’s requests. Hawaiian instrumental music plays softly over the intercom system…

…The aroma of freshly roasted Kona coffee fills the café and mingles in a sweet potpourri with other intoxicating scents — from cinnamon baked apples to fresh rosemary bread being pulled out of the oven, and to subtle hints of oven-toasted lemon and blueberry scones — all of which serve to arouse and encourage a very good reason to break the morning fast.

The café itself is a homey environment, which promotes friendly conversation and provides a welcome spot for patrons to do some solo computer work. The décor is an eclectic mix of wooden tables, chairs, cushy sofas and book and magazine racks brimming with good reads.

Local artwork available is for purchase – everything from paintings to photographs, greeting cards, tabletop picture books and hand-painted wood pieces – and are proudly displayed on the walls and in quaint artistic hutches…

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The Plumeria Café™ features an eclectic menu of fresh, natural, organic, and delicious dishes & bakery delights developed by Maryann and lovingly prepared with Aloha!