Book & Cooking Club

Aloha Friends!

Throughout the year I coordinate in-person ( & virtual!) speaking engagements discussing a variety of topics from writing, producing, home and family, and business endeavors.

If not in person, I’m able to speak to groups via speakerphone and/or SKYPE during their book club meetings as well as other organizational gatherings. How cool is that? These “electronic engagements” will allow me more opportunity to connect with you!

Below are some topics to consider. Let’s talk and we’ll work out the topic and plan!


I also invite you to cook up some recipes from Lady in the Window for our gatherings. Just visit my blog at simplydeliciousliving.com and navigate to The Plumeria Café. With enough notice, we can also “cook” a recipe together!

Set your BOOK Conference with me TODAY. Just Pre-order “Lady in the Window” via BARNES & NOBLE NOW (with FREE shipping), More here.

Also order on AMAZON, More here.


To book me to speak at your group, office, organization, or event, contact Ridini Entertainment by email at least 45 days in advance at recprinfo@gmail.com and/or call Ridini Entertainment at (818) 884-0104 to coordinate a date and a topic. Also sign up for my Book Club and Mailing List, here.

I will do my best to fulfill all engagement requests.

Thank you, mahalo and Aloha,


WATCH a Q&A with Maryann about “Living Aloha” & how you can incorporate more ALOHA in your life!


Join our Mailing List, here and visit me on Facebook where I interact and share with my community daily!

A recent National Association of Women Business Owners of Ventura County (NAWBOVC) meeting featured recipes from Lady in the Window prepared by NAWBOVC President Brenda Terzian. Recipes pictured clockwise left to right are: NAWBO President Brenda Terzian, “Kate’s Orzo Salad,” “Pineapple Applesauce Muffins,” and “Quick and Easy Spinach Quiche Lorraine” (and another quiche with mushrooms),— all recipes (and recipe print outs!) can be found on my blog by searching the recipe name @simplydeliciousliving.com and/or The Plumeria Café. After a book club meeting, send me your photos to post!