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by Maryann Ridini Spencer


Maryann Ridini Spencer hosts “Sustainability Now News”

Sustainability Now News showcases the environmental, social, economic, and cultural pillars of sustainability (cultural vibrancy, economic prosperity, environmental responsibility and social justice) covering green practices, programs, events, industry leaders, issues, green business, healthy living ideas, and more in Ventura County and beyond!

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WATCH Sustainability Now News on Maryann’s Award-Winning Simply Delicious Living Blog, on Maryann’s YouTube Channel (Sustainability Now News Playlist), Roku (Simply Delicious Living Channel), and on CAPS MEDIA, Channel 6 broadcast within the Simply Delicious Living with Maryann® block of programming.


Sustainability Now News (on Radio) is broadcast on KPPQ 104.1 FM in Ventura. Also listen:

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Visit Maryann’s Award-Winning Simply Delicious Living Blog where you can watch Maryann demonstrate how to make her easy, healthy dishes, peruse a host of body, mind, spirit joyous living inspirations, and watch Sustainability Now News! Click Here.

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