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Living “The Way of Aloha” and “The Spirit of Aloha”

The moment I stepped foot on Hawaiian soil many years ago, I had such an affinity —  a “soul” connection to the land, to the people, to my Hawaiian “Ohana” (family) — that ran so deep, it could not be denied. Hawaii is simply a beautiful, spiritual and wondrous place, and it’s with great privilege, gratitude, and pleasure that my family and I enjoy simply delicious living in both Hawaii and Southern California.  It inspired me so much; I incorporated this “spirit” and “Way of Aloha,” into my novel, “Lady in the Window.” (SelectBooks, 2017, Hardcover and eBook available at Barnes & Noble & Amazon).

Even before my first trip to Hawaii, I learned that “Aloha” is a Hawaiian word used when you greet a person “hello,” or when you bid a person farewell.  It also means “with love and affection.”  However, Aloha is also an attitude or way of living life.  You’ve probably heard the terms “The spirit of Aloha” or “The Way of Aloha” — it means a way of interacting with the natural world and all those who live in that world.  Living “in the spirit” or “the way” of Aloha is living by a certain code of ethics which includes, but is not limited to: love, kindness, tolerance, compassion, respect, and honor of all humanity and living things, it also includes the thoughtful and deliberate preservation of the earth and its precious resources, the joyful sharing of oneself with others, the act of being committed to the caring and the sustainability of one’s community and to the planet, as well as the “conscious manifestation”  to  live life joyfully in the present. The list of meanings goes on, but clearly, Aloha means so much more than “hello” or “goodbye.”  Isn’t it wonderful that Hawaii recognizes an Aloha Spirit State Law?


Definition of Aloha Spirit State Law

[§5-7.5] “Aloha Spirit.” (a) “Aloha Spirit” is the coordination of mind and heart within each person. It brings each person to the self. Each person must think and emote good feelings to others. In the contemplation and presence of the life force, “Aloha,” the following unuhilaula loa may be used:

“Akahai,” meaning kindness, to be expressed with tenderness;

“Lokahi,” meaning unity,to be expressed with harmony;

“Oluolu,” meaning agreeable,to be expressed with pleasantness;

“Haahaa,” meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty;

“Ahonui,” meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance.

“These are the traits of characters that express the charm, the warmth, the sincerity, the generosity, and the love of an intangible substance or a spirit known to many in Hawai`i Nei as “ALOHA.

    • – Aunty Pilahi Paki


This working philosophy of Native Hawaiians was presented as a gift to the people of Hawaii. Aunty Pilahi helped translate this Aloha Spirit into The Aloha Spirit (or State) Law in 1986 because she saw a 21st Centruy in strife that would look to Hawaii for healing). Read more about Aunty Pilahi and the Aloha Spirit State Law in Maui Magazine.

“Aloha” is more than a word of greeting or farewell or a salutation.

“Aloha” means mutual regard and affection and extends warmth in caring with no obligation in return.

“Aloha” is the essence of relationships in which each person is important to every other person for collective existence.

“Aloha” means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen and to know the unknowable.

(b) In exercising their power on behalf of the people and in fulfillment of their responsibilities, obligations and service to the people, the legislature, governor, lieutenant governor, executive officers of each department, the chief justice, associate justices, and judges of the appellate, circuit, and district courts may contemplate and reside with the life force and give consideration to the “Aloha Spirit.” [L 1986, c 202, §1]



When you live “The way of Aloha” or in the “Aloha Spirit,” you help manifest a powerful spiritual energy and force or “Mana” that uplifts yourself, your loved ones and mankind.

So Simply Live  Aloha my friends and help make our world a more joyous and sustainable home!

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VIEW, SIGN & SHARE The American Spirit Bill

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Let’s Join Together!

The LAW OF ATTRACTION – It starts in the MIND. Let’s give ourselves over to the POSITIVE and encourage one another and our politicians to be mindful.

The American Spirit Bill (inspired by the Aloha Spirit Law mentioned above) acknowledges:

The deep intrinsic worth of every human being;

That we are all connected as part of the greater whole;

The absolute need and value of demonstrating, respect, kindness, fairness, compassion, and understanding in thoughts, words, and deeds to all our brothers and sisters to instill hope and humanity.

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