Setting the Table with Herbs – A last minute idea is a big hit!

The other night, some friends called and wanted to drop over.  I was making a big dish of lasagne anyway, so I said, “Sure, Come on over!”  Normally, when I have guests visit, even the closest of friends, I love to decorate the table with fresh cut flowers.  However, I really didn’t have anything appropriate to place on the table.  Because I didn’t have much time, and in lieu of trekking to the store to get some pretty bulbs, I suddenly had an idea — why not decorate the table with a centerpiece of fresh herbs!? 


So I cleaned up a terra cotta pot with fresh basil and placed it in the middle of the table surrounded by white tea candles.

My last minute idea turned out to be a big hit.  Not to mention, the wonderful aroma which mixed quite well with the big dish of lasagne!  So I’d say my herb centerpiece idea is a keeper!

Some other Herb Ideas:

herbcenterinsilverSONY DSC


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