Simply Green: CoverMate Covers

covermatecover2 Have you ever lost the lid to your favorite Tupperware container?  What about the lid to a juice decanter?  Are you tired of putting tin foil or saran wrap over your pitcher of ice tea in the fridge?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, here’s a great GREEN way to use and reuse CoverMate Covers.  Think shower caps for food and drink containers!  CoverMate covers are food grade compliant BPA- and PVC- free and can fit over any sized bowl, ramekin, platter and food storage container no matter what the size. You can also use them in the microwave and they are dishwasher safe.  The covers come in small, medium and large with an 8-piece variety pack costing only $1.98 and the 10-piece variety pack costing $2.79-$3.99.  Purchase CoverMate at stores like Big Lots, Target, Walmart, Smart & Final, Kroger and many other venues.  Visit: and for the store locator:



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