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Our ocean sustains life on earth. That’s why the more we know about our ocean, iphone6_sfw_appabout how to treat it and what species that live in it may or may not be endangered, ensures not only the health of this life giving natural resource, but mankind’s sustainability on the planet.

Fishing and eating fish sustainably reduces the strain on our oceans and protects the health of marine life and humans. How can you help protect this natural resource and make a difference to the environment and your health?

How to Eat Sustainably

The Monterey Bay Seafood Watch’s FREE APP makes eating sustainably as easy as 1-2-3! The APP provides information to learn more about the seafood you consume and even makes dining recommendations by locating and sharing businesses that serve sustainable seafood. Search for seafood easily using the common market name (or the Japanese name). The APP also provides access to in-depth conservation notes and reports.

Available for iOS and Android
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